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AUGUST 3, 2020, 7:30 PM EDT

Margot Doucet Performs Online @ Musical Mondays

Hosted by Maison Fairbairn House and Culture des Collines, Margot will be performing live online as part of the 'Musical Mondays' program on August 3rd, 2020.  This promises to be an incredible evening of beautiful music.  All donations received by Margot will go to Saludos Niños (20% of each donation goes to the Fairbarn House to cover their cost).  


Margot and her husband Mike, visited Saludos Niños several years ago and fell in love with Guatemala and the Mayan people. Margot generously shared her music delighting both staff and students by playing the ukelele and singing songs in French, English and Spanish.


Since returning to Canada, Margot and Mike have organized numerous musical fundraisers to help sustain Saludos Niños. Your participation and donations will ensure that at the end of the performance you will remember a wonderful evening of music and feel really good to have helped some kids miles away who really need it.

*To donate to Margot & Saludos Niños, click 'donate' and when making the donation, enter Margot's name in the 'additional information' field.


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