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Latest Happenings @ Saludos Niños - Fall 2023!

Hello to all our supporters and followers!

We're taking this opportunity to share with you a little bit about the latest happenings at Saludos Niños.

Water Filter Distribution

We continue to distribute water filters to families in need. This is an ongoing project and its success is largely the result of efforts by Laura Massie and the fundraising she contributes through her "Yoga on the Bridge" in Wakefield, Quebec. Thanks again, Laura!


The rhythmic gymnastics group from Saludos Niños participated in a local competition and in the public pueblo parade. Participants wore cute, colorful costumes thoughtfully made by mothers and teachers.


A new shipment of donated kid's clothes, shoes, and school supplies (puzzles, books, and toys) was delivered to Panyebar, as well as precious boxes of eyeglasses and cases for men, women, and children. The glasses were donated by Dr. Kurtz of Wakefield, Quebec - Thank you so much, Dr. Kurtz! The glasses give a second chance at sight, which enables women to continue their embroidery projects, farmers to be able to identify their seed packets, and children to better participate in school.

Rose from Dr. Kurtz Optometrist is preparing eyeglasses for shipping


A big and sincere thanks to everyone who continues to support the small but incredibly successful Saludos Niños project! We couldn't do it without you.


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